UCB: Haas Business School Entrepreneurship Class

Design thinking + lean startup workshops


> Design thinking workshops

> Lean startup methodology

> Social entrepreneurship


UC Berkeley Entrepreneurship undergraduate students go to Haas Business School to learn about business.


But sometimes even the smartest students don’t see how creative thinking is key in running any product or company. This is where we come in.

UCB Haas Business School

UCB Haas Ranks as #7 Business School in the United States

Students Show off their prototypes

Students show off their prototypes


Using a flipped classroom approach, we create a user centric design thinking course that shows points out the similarities of design thinking and business creation. To show lean startup methodology (fast iteration!) and the prototyping phase of the design process, we then lead the students in a prototype workshop.


By going through each stage of the design thinking process, students create a product (lego house or packaging peanut hat) for their client and iterate on it according to testing.

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