Off the Grid

Content Management System (CMS) for Food Truck Backend


> Usability testing

> Experience recommendations

> Visual design mock


Off the Grid is a food truck public market that runs 35 weekly events. They had been using multiple different types of software to schedule food trucks events, compile profit analytics, create mobile/online profiles, and keep city documentation up to date, but want to simplify the process.


A developer had been working on the project for months before we came on for experience design but he had never actually talked to the users. The site was extremely confusing and didn’t offer the main functionality where a user expected it to be.

Off the Grid Brainstorming

Brainstorming Meeting

Sample Pages from User Experience Recommendations Document

Sample Pages from User Experience Recommendations Document


First we quickly designed a few interface mocks to test with the users. We then did extensive usability testing with the different user groups. Because the product was going to be for the 3 different users, it needed to have 3 modified versions and 7 individual screens.


We walked through their current process, tested out the current developer-built interface and the new interface. The product was a mess. They couldn’t figure out how to do the tasks they had done before.


Taking each recommendation, issue, and confusion we created a master UX document that detailed the main problems offered design and experience solutions for each.

Mock up of interface

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