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> Interaction strategy

> Usability testing

> Identity

> Copywriting

> Launch management

> Marketing + social media marketing


Dolphin Browser was one of the first Android apps on the market (pre Google Play!) and had a cult-like following in Asian markets.


But Dolphin didn’t understand the United States user behaviors enough to break into the international market. Its logo, icons and entire interface looked dated and its text made it clear it was not a US company. Dolphin was struggling to create a product for a user it knew nothing about and launch on other operating systems, like iOS.


Dolphin Browse Logo, Interface, Iconography and Design Before

Dolphin Browser After

Dolphin Browser After


As the first full-time United States employee of Dolphin, Alex (Super Curious founder) worked on product launches, product feature strategy, community management and identity.


She worked with the Chinese based designers and developers to modify product features for the primary International Dolphin App (one of four market specific products including Korea, Japan and China) for the United States market.


Her unique position of managing the community gave her direct access to the Dolphin users and product insight. She then was able to educate the China based design and development team on user centric needs, competitive features, US user behavior as well as write all the text within the app.


Within the first two weeks Alex co-designed the Dolphin logo and brand voice.


Within her 2 years with the company she designed the website and blog, created the style guide, oversaw the Sequoia funding announcements, represented Dolphin at major tech conferences, grew the Facebook community from 10K to 127K, and was able to take her insights on the US market and shape the product.


When she left, Dolphin had 50 million installs on iOS and Android.

Dolphin Feature Overview and Design Aesthetic

Dolphin Feature Overview and Design Aesthetic

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